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Liberapedia is a wiki on dedicated to expressing liberal views. On many fundamental issues, Liberapedia and Liberal Wiki are in strong agreement. However, Liberal Wiki was founded on the belief that no person should be attacked based upon their ideology, a standard to which Liberapedia does not adhere. Liberapedia also creates joke articles meant to entertain, which are then labeled to show they are meant as jokes (it is admitted that they have no helpful encylcopaedic purpose).

This site is also very religiously oriented, as the administrator Proxima Centauri is highly atheist and includes many articles proving this; though many of the statements are satirical. Liberal Wiki, however, shows very little religious or atheist statements, and is allowable for both.

History Edit

On June 22, 2007, a user named WillH founded Liberapedia in reaction to "the perceived conservative bias on Wikipedia", parodying the Conservapedia claim that Wikipedia has a liberal bias. Since, many Wikia users, namely Proxima Centauri, have joined Liberapedia and have contributed to making sure their liberal views are expressed and to making sure conservatives look like idiots.

Since then Liberapedia has created over 2,800 articles to date and is expanding.

Disagreements and unfair policies Edit

On Liberapedia, attack pages on conservatives are created, which demeans the humanity of conservative politicians and (perhaps more importantly) conservative voters. Liberapedia feels that you can't be a liberal without hating conservatives. Liberapedia parodies the way Conservapedia hates liberals writing hate articles about Conservatives. Disgusted by such propaganda, Azulazulazula founded Liberal Wiki on the foundation that no bashing of conservatives would take place on said Wiki.

Liberapedia also limits the right to free speech on their wiki; conservative comments on articles are deleted, usually after 6 months or longer.

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