Willard Mitt Romney was the 70th governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is currently the Republican nominee for President of the United States, challenging incumbent Democrat Barack Obama.

History Edit

Romney was born to Lenore Romney and wealthy businessman George W. Romney in Detroit Michigan. His father would eventually become governor of the state and run for the Republican Presidential nomination himself, despite being born in Mexico due to the fact that Romney's grandfather had escaped to the country to practice polygamy.

He attended high school at Cranbrook School, as one of the only Mormon students. He later went to Stanford for one year before venturing on a Mormon missionary to France, which was incredibly dangerous at the time with riots and violent protests. Romney later finished college at Brigham Young University and earned his joint Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration at Harvard Law and Harvard Business.

Romney was immediately recruited by Boston Consulting Group, and eventually worked his way up to a high position at Bain and Company. In 1984, Mr. Romney left to begin his own business, Bain Capital, a company that was called a "pioneer in outsourcing" by the Washington Post.

Mr. Romney would run for Senate in 1994 and lose to Ted Kennedy, and would run the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics before becoming Governor of Massachusetts in 2003. In that office, he held a pro-choice, pro-gay's rights, anti-gun platform. Since, Mr. Romney's political ideology has shifted, as he now holds a strong pro-life, anti-gay marriagee, and pro-second amendment platform.